Tigrai Muslim Sites

"If you were to go to Abyssinia (Al Habesha), present-day Tigrai, it would be better for you. The (Axumite) king will not tolerate injustice and it’s a LAND OF TRUTH."

Tigrai Muslim share proud part of Tigrai history. The built and own, Negash Mosque, is the first built mosque in Africa, where the first hijra in the history of Islam was made. There are many historic sites and cultural values in Tigrai. They are least promoted and least known to the world and even to the general public in Tigrai. At #Hadgi, we are collecting resources about the different valuable sites and intangible treasures.

The following are few of the important sites in Tigrai related to Muslim.

  • Al Nejashi: the fisrt built mosque in Africa and the second holiest mosque in the world, next only to Mecca, where the first hijira was made to.
  • Arra: known as Adi Islam, the first stop point after the followers of Nebiyu Mohammed arrived in #Tigray, where its believed that once ih history existed concentration of more than 40 mosques.
  • Gijet: the center for Islamic teachings in #Tigrai (and hence #Ethiopia) which served a seat for the final Shar’ya Supreme Court for more than 1,000 years.
  • Werabaye: still known as Adi Abona (the land of our fathers) is where our ancestors revolted against Italian Tyrany and Feqi Musa preached Islamism in the land of Azebo.
  • Historic Mosques of Jemi’e of Adwa, Anuar of Mekelle, Feqi Musa & Hijira of Werabaye, Krawale of Raya Azebo, Adergudi of Nebelet, Teqeraqira of Abi Adi, Sheik Mequrahtay of Indabaguna, Sheik Suleman of Adi Kokon, Sheik Menshel of Qafta, clusters of historic mosques at Gijet, and many more.
  • …and hundreds more important Muslim historic and holy sites that we’re working hard to document for generations.

Anyone with additional resources on Tigrai Muslim is very welcome to help us update and promote.