Hadgi has a range of photo galleries for hotels, offices, homes, and other spaces framed to reflect the cultural, historic, religious, and moral values of Tigrai and Tegarus. Coupled with quality print to the side of customers’ needs, we provide unparalleled service.

A step into a hotel we furnished with our quality photos will leave you speechless. Be it a hotel, a residence, an office, or any space for whatever purpose, you tell us and we’ll make it speak its purpose. With hundreds of high-resolution photographs that made it to some of the world’s top galleries, we’ve them all here.

Your customers will get caught instantly and they will be satisfied not only by what you serve but also by what they see hanging out onto your walls. Live your culture, history, religious and moral values with our talking photos.

The following gallery is from our work at Dejena Hotel, Shire. The visionary owner of the hotel has requested us to fully furnish all corridors, rooms, pass ways, and other spaces with photographs that show cultural, historic, religious, and natural treasures of the country. You can use learn more about the hotel by physically going and enjoying their unparalleled service or just visiting their site at www.dejenahotel.com.

[Edit: This hotel was destroyed by the Ethiopian and Eritrean armies during the invasion of Tigrai in 2020.]

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