You want to digitize your magazine? your photo album? your brochure? flyer? Whatever you want to develop into installable android app form, we can do it for you.

Having your stuff in the form of such digital app has many benefits; storage, ease of access, sharing, and security being few of them. We’re experienced digital systems developers. Order us to develop your precious photo collections, personal or company portfolios into an installable Android app so that you can store it in the most popular online vendors (Google Play Store, AppStore, etc.) for yourself and your beloved ones to download from.

Having your photos, company portfolios, catalogs, etc in digital gallery format will save you storage space, enhance security, and ease sharing by sending just a link.

We develop digital versions for you:

  • Company business brochure
  • Personal Events (trip, get-together, wedding, graduation or whatever)
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Product Manuals
  • Books
  • etc..

We are ready to give them a life of a lifetime. You can visit our  Google Play Store for some of our publicly released apps. Further sample applications can be obtained on request as many of our clients want them in their own online stores or don’t want to share them.

Order your own digital photo album today and save your memories forever. You’ll find all your precious captures at your fingertips.

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