Gijet was the center for Islamic teachings in Tigrai (and hence Ethiopia) and served as a seat for the final Shar'ya Supreme Court for more than 1,000 years.

Gijet is 60km southwest of Mekelle. This town has a latitude and longitude of 13°19′N 39°10.5′E with an elevation of 2,070 to 2,100 meters above sea level. Gijet is the largest settlement in the Saharti Samre district. During the Imperial era, Gijet was the center of the Saharti woreda. Since 2020, it is again the centre of the new Saharti woreda.

1,000 years ago, two family leaders, Kher Jemal and Kher Nesredin, left Arra and settled in Gijet. Many others followed them. Since then Gijet became the biggest center for Islamic teachings and the seat for the final Shar’ya Supreme Court.

Personal or something religious, any conflict that cannot be solved by local elders finds its final resolution at Gijet by Mahkema. It cannot be revoked. Such a conflict resolution process still holds public respect. Today, majority of people living in Gijet follows Islam and there are five big mosques, four old and one recently built.

Gijet suffered heavily during the ongoing Tigrai Genocide.



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