Tigrai Tourist Sites (Quiz 1)

General questions about tourist sites in #Tigrai.


#1. A place of mountain chains with the highest number of rock churches.

#2. Adergudi (Adi Argudi) is a historic muselim site in Tigrai. Where exactly is Adergudi located?

#3. Which photo below represents the town of Adi Nebreid?

#4. Ras Wolde Selassie made this town his capital and received Henry Salt there in 1810. The Ras built a palace in this village, as well as houses for his wives and one of Tigrai's famous churches. Philips Briggs described it as an “architecturally impressive example of the circular tikul styles of paintings” and “covered in beautiful 19th-century paintings”. What is the name of this town?

#5. The largest building on the northern horn, erected in a singular timber framework technique in the 1st millennium BC, Grat Be'al Gebri is a set of monumental structures at Yeha. Which of the following photos represent it?

#6. The only highland lake of its kind in Tigrai with no outlet located at an elevation of 2,409 meters above sea level.

#7. It is a temple dedicated to the great moon god Almouqah. The oldest standing structure in Africa, the Temple of the Moon, is:

#8. The oldest remaining dry Afromontane forests and the largest of its kind in Tigrai. It is listed as a global biodiversity hotspot and a priority area for conservation by the government.

#9. A bench mark for designing and curving Lalibela, it is one of the oldest standing wonder churches in Tigrai entirely curved out of a single rock with its roof at ground level. Its a monolithic rock church with several rooms.

#10. The center for Islamic teachings in Tigrai (and hence Ethiopia) which served a seat for the final Shar'ya Supreme Court for more than 1,000 years.


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