What to see in and around Mekelle

Mekelle is the economic & political capital of Tigrai. The city and its surrounding has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Mekelle, the economic & political capital of Tigrai, is also referred to as the City of Competing Castles. Known for its cleanliness, the city has a lot to offer to its visitors. Hadgi Tourism feels happy to inform you on what to see in and around Mekelle. If you are in or happen to Mekelle, we recommend you to visit:

  • Hatsey Yohannes IV Museum
  • Martyrs Monument
  • Abraha Castle
  • Quiha Archaeological sites at Quiha
  • Mai Cheleanqua at Debri
  • Gereb Be’ati (SAERT), between Aynalem & Kellamino
  • Chom’a
  • Romanat
  • Dejach Abraha Castle, Feleg Daero
  • Cheleqot
  • Kokholo Yohannes, northwest of Mekelle Industrial Park
  • Ethiopian Martyrs Park, at Endayessus hilltop
  • Italian Cemetery, at Endayessus hilltop
  • Mai Derhu at Hintalo
  • Emba Aradom
  • Gereb Giba
  • Gereb Segen, and others

Other notable landmarks include the churches of Enda Medhanialem, Enda Gabir, Enda Iyesus, Enda Mariam, Enda Selassie, and Enda Tekle Haimanot. The mosques at 03 Kebelle also have a historic connection to Emperor Yohannes IV. Its said that the emperor helped building the mosque, so that muslim followers can live in the city.

A local market has been held every Monday since at least 1890. Qedamay Woyane is the biggest market complex in the city. Adi Haqi and Adiha fruits & vegetables are also important markets.

After your tour, you can enjoy classic traditional restaurants, nightclubs and coffee houses.

You can also explore parts of the city with this beautiful song:


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