Easy Questions on Tigrai

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#1. Which one of the following photos is the monastery of Aba Yohanni?

#2. Which one is not an archaeological site?

#3. Where is Hashenge located?

#4. We don't have one of the following wildlife in Tigrai

#5. Which one is not a rock-cut monastery in Tigrai?

#6. The first built mosque in Africa

#7. Two brother Axumite Kings

#8. Which one has not pre-Axumite evidence so far?

#9. Which one is not a forest reserve in Tigrai?

#10. A green lake-dam in Irob

  1. Kahsu says:

    This is so good i learned a lot prepare more questions and helpe as to know more about our country Tigray.

  2. Lemlem says:

    It is nice to know our heritage. I want to appreciate for the people who created this. Welldone. Thank you.

  3. Awet G says:

    Good job, i got challenges but still not bad. Pls go a haed and challenge this generation

  4. yonas Haile says:

    It is nice to arising an essential historical quostions like this ,they have power to improve our knowledge on history.

  5. Yikuno Amlak Tesfay says:

    You guys did good job keep up for good working and I’m proud of you 👏🏾

  6. Dear Tigray family,

    You all are my blood family from north ,south , west and east part of Tigray.
    I bleed as you all bleed in this current situation.
    Born in Tigray , Machew and came to Addis when I was 4-5 years old and yet my love for Tigray especially for these zeal and courage people is enormous. Brave people indeed!
    I’m proud to be called Tigraian! Such a blessing to be.
    One day the sun will rise and we will rise so high our flag as a nation till then let’s keep support each other.
    Let be peace in Tigray aday!

    Much love
    Your brother Yohannes

  7. OMG you guys should keep post this kind of stuff I really appreciate it🥰

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