Mount Assimba

A majestic king of mountains in the eastern part of Tigrai, Assimba stands third highest peak in Tigrai at 3,248 meters above sea level.

Assimba is an extremely inaccessible and rugged mountain. At 3,248 meters above sea level, its the third highest peak in Tigrai, next only toMount Tsibet (3988 m.a.s.l), Mount Ambalage (3291 m.a.s.l), and Mount Assimba.


It was a stronghold of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Army for long time during the Emperial and fascist governments of Ethiopia.

Assimba, which means Red Mountain in the local tongue, has topographic and other features which make it extremely suitable for guerrilla warefare and highly unfavorable for conventional warefare.


During the anti-fascist war of the Ethiopian people (1935 – 1941), the mountain ranges at Assimba served as one of the stom centers of patriotic war and the Italian Fascists never succeeded in penetrating them.

Today, Assimba is a protected forest with beautiful views from atop.