Kunama Ethnographic Museum

A dedicated Kunama museum in Sheraro, which displays artifacts and lifestyles of the people.

The Kunama Ethnographic Museum hosts different valuable cultural and historic heritages of the Kunama tribe. From their housing style to their costumes, ornaments, households, materials, etc. The Museum is located in Sheraro, on the side of the Kunama village.

















The Kunama have four clans and they have all different symbols in their housing style to differentiate one from the other. They also have different musical instruments, jewelry, hunting, farming, and handcrafting tools. These all are represented in the museum to some extent. The museum is small and poorly organized, but it’s a good move toward improving and preserving the life of the Kunama.

While many of their counterparts in Africa has got popularity as a tourist destination, the Kunama, despite their unique culture, history and style, has gotten little or no attention. There is hardly any photo available on the internet about them.


The Kunama also have special graveyards, where they do annual spiritual gatherings.