Hijira Mosque - Werebaye

210 years ago, our Muslim fathers revolted against Italian invaders who tried to convince the Muslims of #Werabaye by rebuilding an old mosque to silence them.

Still known as “Adi Abona” (the land of our father), Werabaye is at 14kms on the Mekoni to Alamata highway. Feqi Musa preached Islamism in the land of Azebo. Jemal Enye, born in 1772 from Feqi Musa bloodline, continued his legacy. This is Abona (our father) Jemal grandson’s village.

210 years ago (as of 2022) our ancestors revolted against Italian tyrany. The Italians started building them a mosque by destorying an old one, so that they can silence them. The villagers refused & killed the engineer. The mosque is still visible unfinished.