Della, Selewa

A small town west of Adishiho, Della is situated on a clifftop suspending westwards facing Agew land.

Behind the steep-slope terrains of Alaje, taking a sharp turn to the west at Adishihu from the main road running Mekelle to Maichew, and then driving 28km across a valleys and gorges, is a small old town of Della.

Back in history, it was home to a number of rulers (‘ras’es) in Tigrai.

The area is one of the few highly inaccessible locations in Tigrai. It has a mild condition, green, and is a highland and very optimum for life. With a mixed population of Tigrai and small number of Agew in its lowland, it lies between the cold highlands of Alaje and the lowlands of upper Tekeze. With big rivers flowing on both its northern and southern sides and surounded by extremely hostile mountains and hills, it is one of the agriculturally rich areas of Tigrai.

Bordered by Bora (Chelena) to the south, alaje to the east, Agew to the west and Samre to the north, Della is in a position to own a standard highway connecting Adishiho with Samre. With the completion of this 2.2 billion birr budget road, it will make the area market its priceless agricultural, mineral and human resources to other areas.

Della is an important area of history, religion and investment. The people are quite friendly, cooperative and welcoming. It is a prominent source of dairy products, meat animals, fruits and vegetables.

There are several monasteries scattered into the many mountains. Most of them are highly inaccessible and of course least promoted. Qebtsiya Girgis, Abune Elias and Abune Libanos are few of the monasteries famously located in and around Della.

Given the chains of mountains developed and the monasteries made accessible, it would be an interesting tourist destination given road and accommodations are developed.

This was ‘Hara Meret’, unoccupied by Dergue; it was home to a number of Shiftas and revolutionary fighters. There is an elementary school in the town known as WEDI SHIRE, named after a TPLF fighter from Shire martyred in the area.

The Della side of Qedamay Woyane was also ignited in Della in a specific location known as Qerenya.