A green oasis in the middle of valleys and hills, Assabol brings life to Dawhan.

On the rough road, full of ups and downs acros the hills of Gulimekeda and Irob, 13 kilometers after driving north east of Sobeya, a historic lowland town, the road will take you through the hillside of Assabol lake.


The dam is green in color as a result of the bushes from its upper stream. East side of the dam is a forest hill where there are few wildlife such as baboons, apes, hyenas and birds of different species.

The dam pour itself into Dawhan, the capital of Irob Woreda. It is used for small scale holticulture and drining water for the animals. The dam has created a beautiful ecosystem in the surounding areas. Honey bee farm is common in the area in addition to animal farm such as goat fattening and breeding.


There is a cultural lodge at the north hillside of the lake. It forms a truelly heaven-like environment, quite silent, impressive landscape, and far from urban chaos, this lodge definitely quenches the need for peace of tourists looking for remote accommodation. The lodge has boats to surf on the lake.