Gheralta Trekking Tours

Hadgi is glad to announce its partnership with Gheralta Trekking Tours (GTT) in Promoting #Tigrai.

GTT is a tour company you can rely on to take you all over Ethiopia. Having been in the business for more than a decade now, and run a team of experienced and knowledgeable local guides, it has gained reputation among its customers.

Passionate about Ethiopia, and what it has to offer, GTT team loves sharing their knowledge with others. They especialized in trekking and adventure tours on the northern part of the country, they know northern Ethiopia mountains (famouse of which are the Gheralts and the Simien Mountains) just like their palm hands. They also have long years of guiding in the Axum historical and archaeological sites, challenging trek, a relaxing cultural tour, and wildlife safari.

Tigray Culture and Tourism Bureau

At Hadgi, we are glad to announce that Tigray Bureau of Culture and Tourism has partnered with us to represent it overseas in North America and other parts of the world as required.

We’re trilled to announce that we’ll be representing them in exhibitions, events, external relations.

Tigray Archives
Tigray Archive is an independently owned online resource created to raise awareness of the Tigray War. Established in December 2020, the website offers students, researchers, and the general public, information that is easily accessible, and well referenced. These resources are provided to the public to broaden awareness and attain wider recognition.

Hadgi partnered wiith Tigray Archive in broad areas of cooperation, one of which is in tourism related activities. We also partner in producing and distributing physical and virtual materials that promote Tigrai.

Lala Kids
Lala Kids is a YouTube channel for kids in Tigrigna. It is a free channels dedicated to teach Tigrai kids different lessons starting from ሀ፣ ለ፣ ሐ፣ መ፣ . . . ፩፣ ፪፣ ፫፣ ፬፣ . . . to more advanced ones. Folklares, legends, games, etc in the way they are told and practiced in Tigrai culture, tradition and ways of living.

Hadgi is a partner of Lala Kids in empowering kids with the right knowledge of Tigrai, its attractions, destinations, stories, cultures, traditions, etc.

Tigray Startup Nation, TSN

Tigray Startup Nation (TSN) a young organization run by a group of Tigrayan professionals to create a platform for those committed to rebuild and transform Tigray. TSN aims to create a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Tigray and is dedicated to delivering carefully tailored content on innovation and entrepreneuship to transform the life of millions of Tigrayans.

TSN and Hadgi partners in educating the unpriviledged young Tigrians in different parts of the world. Hadgi plans to use TSN medium and vice versa in addressing those in need, especially in capacitating, and empowering the young and motivating them to start businesses.

Horn Broadcasting Services, HBS

A satellite television focused on issues of the horn of Africa, HBS’s mission is to educate young Tigrians through consecutive supportive educational programs. Broadcasted through Yahsat at a frequency of 11843 vertical polarization of 27500.

Hadgi partners with HBS on audiovisual media production and broadcast especially those related in promoting Tigrai.