Without travel, life would have been a mistake. Without Hadgi Tourism, travel is still not complete. We've a range of packages designed to make your travel and stay hassle free and memorable.

Lack of planning a tour with the right person costs you. From making your travel bad experience to irreversible mistakes, anyone is likely to face or get less of their expectations. Contact Hadgi well ahead of time and we’ll consult you to make the most of your time. We’ve a range of packages for your to choose from or we can design custom ones to fit to your interest.

We’ve in the business as a hobby and we still driven by the passion. Take sometime off your busy calendar and dare to discover the unknown with us.

Our packages include

  • Regular tours: full board, half board and non-board tour packages
    • 5 Days to Kafta Sheraro National Park: including Wersege, Axum, Mai Adrasha & Tekeze on the way.
    • 4 Days to Ertale
    • 6 Days to Ertale & Dallol
    • 4 days to Raya: Mekoni, Alamata, Hugumbirda, Girakahsu, Hashenge & Mahbere Bokuru
    • City tour packages
    • Self tour packages
    • Combines packages
    • Custom packages, etc
  • Holiday Tours
    • Meskel: The Finding of the True Cross
    • First Hijira: to Al Nejashi the mosque
    • Hosaena: to Axum and surrounding
    • Hidar Tsion: to Axum and surrounding
    • Timqet: to Maichew, Hashenge, Hugumbirda and Girakahsu
    • Silassie Tiri: Shire including Mai Adrasha, Kafta Sheraro, Qoyetsa, Debre Abay and Hayelom statue at Adi Nebrid.
  • Weekend Tours (Saturdays and Sundays)
    • Gheralta
    • Gheralta-Temben
    • Hashenge
    • Tsibet
  • One-day tours
    • Mekelle & Surounding
    • Gheralta landscape & Rock-churches: Abune Yemaeta
    • Gheralta landscape & Rock-churches: Mariam Qorqor & Daniel Qorqor
    • Cheleqot Selassie
    • Mai Derhu & Emba Aradom
    • Kokholo & Mai Anbessa
    • Arra Adi Islam
    • Atsbi Rock-churches: Michael Imba & Debreselam Michael
    • Atsbi Monasteries: Asira Metira & Mariam Dibo
    • Abreha We Atsbeha
    • Tekeze Dam and Fishery
    • Desa Forest & Hot-spring
  • Personal Packages
    • combined: Airport pickup, hotel room, car and personal guide (optional)
  • Custom Packages
    • Religious packages
    • Research packages
    • City tour packages
    • Self tour packages
    • Combines packages
    • Custom packages, etc


Request your custom package and/or any information:

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