High quality & colorful, pictorially represented and briefly described Simplified Tourist Map of Tigrai, in English on one side and Tigrigna on the other side.


At Hadgi Tour, we’ve designed, printed and made ready for sale High quality & colorful, pictorially represented and briefly described tourist map of Tigrai.

This product contains one map in two languages. One side shows Simplified Tourist Map of Tigrai in Tigrigna and the other size in English. All major tourist destinations, tourist attractions, historic, cultural and religious places are included with distances from Mekelle and Addis Ababa. Major agricultural, pastural, mining and potential energy sites indicated. Tigrai’s World Heritage sites, airports, peak & low points labeled. Major roads lined, national parks, wildlife reserves, forest reserves, endemic animals & plants, etc all represented and briefly described. Regional capital, major cities, spring waters, lakes and rivers are also included.

Printed on an A2 size, glossy paper of 100 gram with full color,  main objective of the map is to promote Tigrai tourist attractions and destinations. Moreover, the maps contain valuable information such as investment areas, precious mineral stone sites, future oil sites, agricultural fields, animals, etc.

In summary the Simplified Tourist Map of Tigrai contains:

  • General information about ‘Why Visit Tigrai?’
  • Remains of early civilizations at D’MAT, Axum, Meqbir Gaeqa, etc
  • Popular attractions and destinations (Yeha, Aum, Gheralta, Wukro, Mekelle, etc)
  • Religious sites (Pre-Christian sites, Monasteries, mosques)
  • The final resting place for the ‘Lost’ Ark of the Covenant.
  • Events, Festivals and Celebrations.
  • National Parks, Forest Reserves and wildlife reserves
  • Mountains and landscapes (Emba Alaje, Emba Aradom, Emba Nebelet, Chains of Gheralta Mountains, Adwa Mountains, Wolqait, etc)
  • Rivers, lakes, waterfalls and hot sprigs
  • Battlefields, cemeteries, tombs, and statues
  • Less promoted areas and events like Bedena Leko Birdwatching, Bala Forest, Camel caravan, Baeti Gaewa rock painting, Mulu Ancient Palace, etc)
  • Famous people (Emperor Yohannes IV, Ras Alula, etc)
  • How to get there (Transportation mode, incoming and outgoing routes, road conditions, etc)
  • Regional Capital city, Zonal capital cities and other cities
  • Investment/treasure areas (gold, oil, cotton, ranch, lentils, coffee, natural gum etc)
  • Distances between places, from Addis Ababa and Mekelle.
  • etc

The map is intended to guide tourists throughout Tigrai, the cradle of civilization, used as a teaching learning material for classroom instructions, home-based general knowledge, personal references, for kids and grownups, framed wall posts, gifts etc… Handy, neat and clearly readable.

There is a BIG DISCOUNT for distributors and those who buy in large quantity. The map is available in many souvenir shops, hotels, taxi cabs, ticket offices, tourist information centers, business centers of Mekelle and Addis Ababa. We deliver to their premises to those who buy 50 and more pieces in Mekelle and Addis Ababa; 200 pieces anywhere in Ethiopia.

Pick your copy today and reward yourself and your beloved ones. You’ll find all the region’s precious treasures at your hand.

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