Built in the 1960s in Ge'ez Calendar by Leul Raesi Mengesha, the visionary governor of Tigrai by the time, this lodge is now a ruin left to tell an unfinished history in the making.

This is an old lodge built probably in the 1960s Ge’ez Calendar by the visionary man of deeds Leul RaEsi Mengesha Seyoum, the then governor of Tigrai. The building was constructed to reflect the exact housing style of typical Tigrai architecture with a grand vision of serving as a lodge to tourists visiting Gheralta and surrounding.
Located at Degum, a small town serving as a gateway to the Gheralta chains of mountains, it is on the roadside of the main highway running form Abraha We Atsbeha to Megab. Facing to the south and southwest mountains, the old lodge has the best view to the majestic escarpments.
Today, these buildings of the lodge are mere ruins left to tell unfinished history in the making. I can imagine the motive and vision behind the project that drove the Raesi to construct it. This is farsightedness in leadership. This is what a visionary leadership mean.
Note that Degum is located 13kms after Abreha we Atsbeha on the main road that runs to Megab, another small town few kilometres further on the hill-bottom of Daniel and Mariam Qorqor churches’ mountain. Abreha We Atsbeha, on the other hand is located 14km west of Wuqro.