Raini-Cianda Trek

This trek covered wide range of small scale tea and coffee plantations on the highlands through Raini and Cianda of Kenya in the Kiambu County.

Guided by Joshua of Hikers Afrique, a group of eight people started our trek with stretching our body inside a grocery compound at Raini Gas Station at 7:45 am on the 22nd of May 2021. Cold, mild air condition accompanied us. Gentle walk with two photographers, Joshua playing dual task, as a guide and a photographer.

Introducing among ourselves, after traveling for few minutes on the main aspalt road, we left it to the left to follow a rough road track through mainly-maize agricultural field.

At some point there seem dropping a soft rain, at some point windy,I don’t remember to have seen the sun that day. In addition to the mild temperature, trek was on ne f Kenya’s rich highlands with elevation more than 2000 above sea level.

It was pleasure watching farmers cultivating their tea plantations and narturing their coffee farms. You feel the joy of hardwork and the essennce of producing something valuable to the world.

Our trek included many up and down hills, a very green landscape and small waterfalls, scattered throughout the route. At some point in a cave that has a waterfall, we sat for lunch and a short break. It was the turning point of our trek back to Nirobi. The total trek was out 26km long.

Trekking through the tea and coffee plantations, meeting the farmers, soacking into the waterfalls, breathing the fresh air, meeting all the lovely team members, sharing experiences, the small ups and downs, etc was very much impressive experience to me.

I would love to see more adventures. Explore more and have fun with those experiemced guides or similar interest groups. Life,without travel, for me, isn’t worth living.

Thumbs up and gratitude for Joshua, our guide and Hikers Afrique, the organizers.

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