The tour includes enjoying Meskel festival in Mekelle in the eve, where lot of people travel to the mountain Chomaa, east of Mekelle, with the cultural torch and Meskel in Adigrat on the main day. The eve part is very amazing to see the people walking up to the top where the ceremony starts by the blessing of the bishop and going back with their lighting torch, which creates a flowing lava scene from distance. Whether you are inside the line of people in the place or you are back on your hotel or may be in the street of the city, the scenery is amazing and unforgettable experience. You will never forget the moment. Having this big memory, you will pass the night in your hotel and the next morning you will move to Adigrat to see the other action with the same people and culture. Here you will have the ceremony in the morning day time, invitation to cultural foods called Giezim, Tihlo and drink called Mies.