Kafta Sheraro National Park

Kafta Sheraro National Park can be access from three directions. The most common is driving from Humera to the north and turn west at some point when you see entrance mark. The second one is driving south from Sheraro, cross Tekeze river’s biggest bridge, drive south until you see a post indicating your turn west. The third one is driving directly from Shire to Adi Remets and taking a rough concrete road that takes to Qafta and there by joining the main road running Sheraro to Humera and follow the same sign.

There is once a week flight by the Ethiopian Airlines to Humera Airport, located close to Baeker, a small town with an industrial park underconstruction.

You can get to Humera by plane or car directly from Mekelle through Shire, Adi Remets, Dansha and Baeker. You can also get there taking the north-most highway through Shire, Sheraro, Adigishu. The later one is the most common and relatively shorter.

The shortest way to access the park is drive (fly) Mekelle to Shire Indaselassie, drive through Sheraro to a small town of Adeba, some 15km before Humera, drive few kilometers into Humera until you find a sign post the leads you westward to the park entrance.