Medhane Alem church, built at the end of the 19th century, is in the town centre and contains excellent examples of traditional regional art.

The Community Museum, also in the town centre, has displays relating to the way of life in earlier times.
The 16th century Grand Mosque, with is beautiful twin towers and slender minaret lies on the road to the Erer Gate Women are not permitted inside the mosque.
The vibrant market place is regarded as one of the most colourful in all Ethiopia.
Off the road from the Sauga Gate to the main market lies Ras Mekonin’s house where Haile Selasssie spent most of his childhood.
The Ahmar Mountains around Harar produce some of the best coffee in Ethiopia.

The Hyena Men of Harar collect offal and bones to feed to the wild hyenas usually about 100 metres outside the Fallana Gate of the old city walls of the town. Hyenas appear just after sunset to take food from their hands. There is a charge for watching The display starts about 1900 finishing at about 2000.


Harar is famed for its silversmiths, and there are beautiful necklaces, bracelets and chains to be found in the market. The basketry is also impressive. There are two colourful markets in Harar, the Christian and the Muslim, which are separated from one another.