Debre Damo Monastery

The monastery is best reached through the main road that runs from Addis Ababa through Mekelle – Adigrat – Bizet – Adwa – Axum, just 6.2km Southwest of Bizet town or 21km Southwest of Adigrat town. It can also be accessed from Axum – Adwa – Yeha (30.8km) – Entich (11.9 miles / 19.2 km) road. SOme also say there is a road through Adigrat to Zalanbesa road. You head to few kilometers from adigrat to Zalanbesa and turn around through Kerseber. Another option is to take a downhill through Fatsi. A strange direction is from neighboring country Eritrea. You can access Debre Damo through Matara from the north at 22.7miles or 36.6km and Senafe at 24.2 miles or 38.9 km

While being in Debre Damo, you might want to check out Menatu, May Ch’a’a, Kisad Hits’a, Irar and Adi Rowra as well. There 4 airports close to Bizet. The clostest airport anyone can find is Axum Airport (IATA: AXU) with a distance of 36 mi (or 57.8 km) South-West of the city center of Bizet. Mekelle’s Ras Alula Aba Nega and Shire’s Hayelom Airports are other alternatives with km distances respectively.