Tour to Cheleqot Selassie

Visit the dry land landscape on the way to Cheleqot. Before driving down to Cheleqot, you can see Emba Aradom, the highest mountain in the area, from distance.

Visit the local settlements and lifestyles

Visit Cheleqot village

Have lunch at some shade, enjoy cultural coffee ceremony on the open space of one of Cheleqot’s cafe.

In the afternoon, visit Cheleqot Selassie church. The church has impressive old architecture. The doors and windows are made of wood art. The inner walls of the church are painted with legendary tales. In the compound you will find tombs of different important persons. Tomb of Ras Selassie and families, tomb of W/ro Tiru Work, the wife of Emperror Tewodros II, tomb of Merha Kiristos, the once Abun of Tigrai are some of the notable tombs.

There is a Museum inside the church with precious gifts collected over the years from different kings. Pay a visit to it.

Visit a huge tree on the western side of the church (outside of the church).

Visit the river on the eastern outskirt of the church.

Leave Cheleqot in the afternoon, and drive back to Mekelle while enjoying the landscape over the sunset.

End of Tour.