The capital of Afar region, Ethiopia.

Semera or Samera (Ge’ez: ሰመራ) is a new town on the Awash–Asseb highway in north-east Ethiopia, planned to replace Asaita as the capital of the Afar Region. Located in the Administrative Zone 1, Semera has a latitude and longitude of 11°47′32″N 41°0′31″ECoordinates: 11°47′32″N 41°0′31″E. One of the completed buildings is Samara University Health science College, which began holding classes in 2007.

The 2006 Lonely Planet guide to Ethiopia had this description of Semera:

With its quirky mix of barracks, modern apartment blocks and soulless administrative buildings, it looks like a microscopic version of Brasilia emerging incongruously in the middle of the desert – except that it’s a completely botched attempt at creating a new town.

The 2009 Lonely Planet guide omitted the final phrase following the dash. The 2002 edition of Ethiopia: the Bradt travel guide described Semera as consisting of “one active filling station (complete with fridge) and a cluster of modern offices and tall apartment blocks in various states of construction – all in mad isolation from any existing settlement!”

The area is served by Semera Airport, which has scheduled service to Addis Ababa. In case you’ve to go to Semera, we’ll be pleased to serve you. Just email to or call at +251913753244 (Cell) or +251333660433 (Off).


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