Gheralta Trekking

Gheralta is home to chains of mountain ranges housing several tens of ancient rock-churches.

127km from Mekelle & 910km from Addis Ababa, A rugged place of sharp mountains and plateaus in between, home to several tens of magnificent rock-churches, hosting Ge’ez manuscripts, paintings and monastic lives, and breathtaking landscapes, you find Gheralta. It is where Abune Yemaeta, the most inaccessible church in the world, is found. You can travel on the mountains, hike, trek and enjoy the adventure of the magic land.

Maryam Qorkor & Daniel Qorkor, Abuna Yemata Guh, Abraha We Atsbeha, Abune Gebre Mikael Qoraro, Abune Abraham Debre Tsion, Maryam Papasetti etc are some of the monolithic churches found scattered on the mountains and mountain sides.

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